Hall Of Fame

Eligibility for the hall of fame: The person must have been involved with the club in some official capacity(player, coach, admin) for five or more years.  The person must also have been removed from his last A-side time by three years.

Voting process: Every dues paying member of the club is eligible to nominate someone if they choose.  If in a given year someone receives more than three nominations they are placed on the ballot.  The ballot is presented to all dues paying members with a yes or no option for each nominee.  If a person receives more than seventy five percent yeses their nomination into the Hall Of Fame has been confirmed.  


"Old Man" Mark Truax (2018) Flanker

A legend, who at the time of his induction is believed to be more machine than man.  Old Man Mark played rugby from his time in grade school and still can't keep away from the pitch.  A pleasure to be around both on and off the field.  As a founding member of the club this club could not be where it is with out him.  


Brian Watson (2018) Prop

A player, an administrator, a coach, a sponsor, Brian Watson has done it all for this club.  This club would have never been started with out his efforts as a founding member and it never would have managed to survive with out his continued support.  From his efforts on the field to his late night adventures off of it, he truly embodies what it means to be a White Horse Rugby player.